Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shmaltz Brewing Coney Island Human Blockhead

I've written about the diversity of lager before, and the unfortunate dominance of mass market beer in the lager department. Shmaltz Brewing is taking the challenge, though, with their Coney Island line of lagers in a myriad of styles. Unfortunately, this particular iteration did not work for me and felt quite unbalanced compared to the basic Coney Island Lager or the Albino Python.


This poured a very dark cloudy reddish-brown with a big 1.5" head: not at all reminiscent of your standard macro-lager. The nose was perhaps a bit too malty, though, and that sweetness persisted on the palate with cherries, banana, rootbeer, brown sugar and spice. This beer is like an overly-happy person who seems great at first glance but begins to wear on you at an exponential rate. The beer is pretty tasty on the first sip, but loses its charm with a few more. It's too bad, but I still highly recommend Shmaltz' other lager offerings.

$9/22oz @ Brewery Creek

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  1. Hi Shea-

    This is Melissa from Shmaltz Brewing Company. Thanks for giving Human Blockhead a try, but sorry to hear it wasn't your favorite. We were trying to experiment with creating a "lager barleywine," hence the huge malty component of the beer. Definitely check out Freaktoberfest, our other seasonal Coney Island Lager. It's a 6.66% blood red Halloween lager, freaky and delicious. Let us know what you think!