Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Southern Tier Hopsun Summer Wheat Ale

It's somewhat ironic that this review finally made it up on the site one day after Vancouver's first major rain storm of the fall/winter doldrums. So, if you'll excuse my seasonal anachronism I'll tell you that I was expecting a lot more from this wheat beer from New York.

The nose on this hybrid style was big and hoppy with notes of Belgian fruit esters, and unfortunately a weird cardboard edge. The dry hops continued on the palate, with hints of pine needles. But, the hops really make this beer unbalanced for some reason and the cardboard taste persisted over two bottles, making me wonder if the entire shipment to Vancouver was off. This is simple but not really that summery - which perhaps is appropriate for this tardy review.

$4/333ml @ Brewery Creek

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